Professional Eye Exam

Our Professional Eye Examinations which include:

Complete Case History Blood pressure Dilation
Tonometry Fundus photography low vision screening
Slitlamp examination Gonioscopy Visual field examination
Autorefraction Refraction Extended ophthalmoscopy( if needed)


  • Primary care optometry
  • Laser vision consultation
  • Hard to fit contact lenses
  • Children’s vision/low vision
  • Ocular disease co-management

Lens options and treatment include:

  • ANTI-REFLECTION: it is thinner, reduces glare & contrast,improves safety and has a great cosmetic benefit.
  • TINT: makes eyeglasses cosmetically more attractive and helps reduce glare with reading.
  • ULTRAVIOLET RAYS: protects eyes from harmful UV sunrays that cause cataracts.Recommended for all ages.
  • SCRATCH COAT: it is a hard coat that protects against accidental situations and improves durability
  • CRIZAL: a high quality anti-reflective coating with maximum durability
  • POLYCARBONATE LENSES: they are impact resistant,lighter than plastic lenses, scratch resistant and easy care. A must for children.
  • Polarized Sunglasses: useful in protecting eyes from reflections, especially in skiing.
  • Assorted Tints: increase comfort in bright light situations and they include, green, grey, yellow, orange, brown tints.
  • Mirror Coatings: they greatly reduce the amount of heat entering the eyes.


Options for glasses range from Single vision Glasses to Bifocal, Progressives, Sunglasses.

Single vision lenses are used for correcting near & farsightedness, astigmatism
and a combination of these disorders.

 Bifocals are used for near and distance vision.