Dr. Olachi J. Mezu

OLACHI J. Mezu-Ndubuisi, M.D, O.D



 2005 – 2013    Clinical Optometrist/Medical Consultant, Aqua Vision Care, Pikesville, MD

        2011 – 2013    Neonatology Fellowship, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL

        2008 – 2010     Neonatal Pediatrician, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Baltimore, MD.

        2006 – 2008     Neonatology Fellowship, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD

        2003 – 2006    Pediatrics Residency, Louisiana State University Health Science Center, Shreveport, LA

        1999 – 2003    Doctor of Medicine (M.D), Ross University School of Medicine, Dominica

1992 – 1998   Doctor of Optometry (O.D), Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria



2011               Licensure, Illinois State Medical Board

2006               Licensure, Maryland Board of Physicians 

2004               Licensure, California Board of Physicians

2003               Certification, Education Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates

2003               Certification, National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO)

2003               Licensure, Maryland State Board of Optometry

2003               Licensure, California State Board of Optometry

       1999               Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease(TMOD), NBEO



2011                Member, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)

2011                Member, Academic Society of Investigative Pathology (ASIP)

2003                Member, American Academy of Pediatrics, AAP

2003                Member, American Optometry Association (AOA)

2003                Member, Maryland Optometry Association (MOA)

1998                Member, Nigerian Optometric Association, (NOA)




Books/ Book Chapters

Mezu-Ndubuisi O.J, Maheshwari, A. “Minimal Enteral Feeding.” In Nutrition for the Preterm Neonate, Sanjay Patole (Ed). pp. 27-46. Springer Netherlands, 2013. (book chapter)

Mezu Ndubuisi Olachi, A, B, C, Says OlaRose, a children’s book,  Black Academy Press Inc. 2009.

Mezu Ndubuisi Olachi, 1,2,3, Says OlaRose, a children’s book, Black Academy Press Inc. 2009.

Mezu Ndubuisi Olachi, Born Early Says OlaRose, The Story of OlaRose and Obiola, The Twin Angels, a children’s book, Black Academy Press Inc. 2009.

Mezu OJ aka Millie Ola, A Dream Come True, a novel, Black Academy Press Inc. 1996 (approved graduate literature text at Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD)

Mezu OJ aka Millie Ola, Image of a Soul, a book of poems, Black Academy Press Inc. 1996.


  Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

Mezu-Ndubuisi O.J, Agarwal .G, Raghavan A, Pham J T, Ohler KH, Maheshwari A. Patent Ductus  Arteriosus in Premature Neonates, a review article. Drugs, May 7, 2012; Volume 72 – Issue 7 – pp 907-916

Mezu KR, Mezu OJ: Comparative Assessment of the Cup to Disc Ratio using digital Imaging vs. Topographic Scanner. In Journal of American Acad. of Optometry 2001: 78(4):32

Mezu OJ, Mezu KR, Okechi A. Pseudo-retinitis Pigmentosa – a case report. In Journal of Nigerian Optometric Association July 1998 edn: 13 –15


  Other Literary Publications

Mezu, OJ, The Youth’s Plea. In Collage Magazine, Essex Community College, MD.1992

Mezu, OJ, Inner Tunes, a poem in Literary Anthology, Chicago, 1996 pps. 12-13.

Mezu-Ndubuisi, Olachi. Review of Common Medical Problems in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  http://www.obiolarosefoundation.org/common-nicu-medical-issues/2009.

Mezu-Ndubuisi, Olachi; Tips for Parents to Survive the Journey before, during and after the NICU and improve interaction with NICU staff. http://www.obiolarosefoundation.org/nicu-survival-tips-for-parents/2009



Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Reddy NM,  Reddy, SP. Increased Alveolar Surface Area in Neonatal Pups with Acute Lung Injury. Program Number: 254.3.  Experimental Biology (EB), Boston, MA.( oral presentation), April 21st, 2013

Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Reddy NM, Wanek J, Teng P, Shahidi M, Reddy SP. (2012).Hyperoxia-induced Retinal    Microvasculopathy Correlates with Lung Injury and Inflammation in Neonatal Mice.  EB, San Diego, CA. (oral presentation), April 2012 

Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Wanek J, Teng P,, Chau FY, Reddy NM,  Lin A, Blair NP,  Reddy SP, Shahidi M. (2012) Retinal   Vascular Oxygen Tension Imaging and Fluorescein Angiography in a Mouse Model of Retinopathy of Prematurity. The Association of Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), Fort Lauderdale, FL. (oral presentation) May 2012

Mezu KR, Mezu OJ: Review of Common Visual Disorders: Prevention and Treatment Patterns, a presentation, at 130th Annual meeting of American Public Health Association (APHA), Philadelphia, PA. Nov.11, 2002. (oral presentation)

Mezu-Ndubuisi, Olachi J.; Reddy NM, Mezu-Nnabue. K, Wanek, Justin;  Reddy, S; Shahidi M. Acute lung injury correlates with retinal vascular injury in an in vivo model of retinopathy of prematurity.141st APHA  Annual Meeting Abstract, 280050, (poster presentation). Nov. 2-6 , Boston, MA.

Mezu-Ndubuisi, Olachi J.; Blair, Norman P.; Lin, Amy; Wanek, Justin; Reddy, Narsa M.; Raj, Usha; Reddy, S; Shahidi, M. Variations in Retinal Nuclear Areas in a Neonatal Mouse Model of Retinopathy of Prematurity by Histopathology.  Poster no. D0151. ARVO, Seattle, WA, FL. (poster), May 5th, 2013

Mezu-Ndubuisi, Olachi J.; Czech, Reddy, Narsa M,  Pangyu T, Wanek Justin; Half-penny. A, Raj, U.; Shahidi M. Reddy, S; Shahidi, Acute Kidney Injury in a Neonatal Mouse Model of Oxygen−Induced Retinopathy Pediatric Academic Societies, . Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS), Washington, DC. (poster), Abstract #: 754920, May 6th, 2013.

Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Reddy SP, Shahidi M. In vivo Retinal Vascular Imaging Correlate with Ex vivo Acute Lung and Retinal injuries in a Mouse Model of Retinopathy of Prematurity. Mead Johnson sponsored Fellow’s conference. American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Perinatal Pediatrics 80th Perinatal & Developmental Medicine Symposium. “Surfactant Therapy: Past, Present, and Future” June 7-10, 2012. Aspen, Colorado. (poster)

Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Chau FY, Lin A, Wanek J, Reddy NM, Teng P,  Raj U, Reddy SP, Shahidi M  (2012) In vivo Assessment of Retinal Vascular Abnormalities Correlate with Ex vivo Acute Lung and Retinal injuries in an Experimental Model of Retinopathy of Prematurity. PAS, Boston, MA. (poster), April 2012

Chau FY , Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Reddy NM , Wanek J, Teng P, Blair NP, Reddy SP, Shahidi M. (2012) Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography  Findings in a Mouse Model of Retinopathy of Prematurity.ARVO, Fort Lauderdale, FL. (poster) May 2012

Mezu-Ndubuisi, OJ, Viscardi, RM, Mena, F, Mezu-Nnabue, KR: Effect of Nutrition on the Severity of Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). E-abstract. Neonatal Fetal Nutrition  Metabolism . E-PAS2007:61442, PAS 2007

Nwaba N. Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Mezu KR: Quality of Life Issues in Sickle Cell. Disease, a  presentation at the FDA Science Forum, Washington DC, Sept 2006. (poster)

Mezu-Nwaba N. Mezu-Ndubuisi. OJ. Mezu-Nnabue KR: Improving Quality of Care in Sickle Cell Patients: Key to Managing an Otherwise Painful Disease, poster presentation. At Sickle Cell Disease Association’s (SCDAA) 34th Annual Convention, Dallas, TX, September 25-28, 2006

Mezu-Nnabue KR, Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Mezu-Nwaba.N: Treatment Patterns, Quality of Life and Public health Issues in African Americans with Glaucoma, poster presentation. At 134th APHA, November 4-8, 2006

Mezu-Ndubuisi,OJ. Mezu-Nnabue, K: Ocular Myasthenia Gravis –Juvenile Onset Type, poster presentation. At Annual American Academy  of Pediatrics Conference. Denver, Colorado, December 2006

Mezu OJ, Jeroudi. M, Mezu K, Nwaba N: Prevention of Infections in Sickle Cell Disease, a presentation at the annual convention of  SCDAA, Inc. Baltimore, MD, September  2005. (poster)

Nwaba N, Mezu-Ndubuisi O., Mezu KR.: Quality of Life Issues in Sickle Cell Disease, a presentation at the Annual Convention of  SCDAA, Inc. Dallas, TX September  2005. (poster)

Mezu KR, Mezu OJ: Quality of Issues in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma Management; a presentation. At 130th APHA, Philadelphia, PA. Nov.12, 2002 (poster)



2013               Pediatric Academic Society (PAS) Young Investigator’s Research Travel Award, Annual 2013 Conference in Washington, DC

2013               RRF/Joseph M. and Eula C. Lawrence    Research Award/Travel Grant, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) 2013, Annual  Conference, Seattle, WA.

2012             Mead Johnson Fellow’s conference Travel Grant . AAP Section on Perinatal Pediatrics 80th Perinatal & Developmental Medicine Symposium. June 7-10, Aspen, Colorado.

2012                Pediatric Academic Society (PAS) Young Investigator’s Research Travel Award for Conference in Boston, MA.

2012                FASEB/ MARC ASIP Minority Research Award/ Travel Grant; Experimental Biology Conference, San Diego

2010               Most Compassionate Caregiver Award, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

2006                Guest Speaker Appreciation Award, Alpha Kappa Lamba Sorority, Shreveport, LA Chapter

1998                Valedictorian, Abia State University, Uturu, Abia State, Class of 1998

1998                Best Graduating Student, summa cum laude, School of Optometry,  Abia State University, Nigeria.

1998                Best Clinician Award, Nigerian Optometric Association (NOA)

1998                First Prize, Dr. Nina Nwaba Optometry award for Excellence

1992                Best Female Student Motivator Award, Nigerian Federation of Catholic Students, Abia State Univ. Uturu, Nigeria



2012 – present      Medical Consultant/Grant Writer, Mezu International Foundation (MIF), a 501 (c ) non-profit organization, Pikesville, MD

2007 – present      Founder/Director, ObiolaRose Twin Angel Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports parents of premature infants in  neonatal intensive care units in need.

2003    Medical Examiner, Medical Mission,  Organized Free Health Fair/Screening to 100 indigenes of Ezeogba, Emekuku and  Ishiokpo, Ideato North rural communities in Imo State, Nigeria:

2000   Co-ordinator, Ross Catholic Medical Students’ Association, Dominica

1998    Editor-in-Chief, Abia State University School of Optometry Catalog.

1994 – present      Editor, Obsession Magazine, an international creative writing journal.

1992 – 1998          President, Legion of Mary Society,  Abia State University, Nigeria.