Patient Info

Procedures For First Visit At Aqua Vision Care
When you arrive at our office, you will be asked to complete a registration form. Please bring your insurance cards and any required HMO referral forms (For BCBS, BCBC patients).

Before seeing the physician, you will spend some time with an ophthalmic technician reviewing your basic ocular and medical history as well as needed pre-testing such as blood pressure measurement and auto refraction.  

Please bring your glasses, a list of all medications and drops you are currently using, along with the name and address of your internist or family doctor.  Also, one or more diagnostic tests may be performed before or after you see the physician.

If you have a retina problem, your eyes need to be fully dilated for a detailed retinal exam. Following the exam, we may require retinal photographs and visual filed testing to better help the doctor diagnose your eye problems.  These procedures may require additional time. Most patients are able to drive after their visit.